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McAfee Enterprise is pleased to announce that the Network Security Platform (NSP), our industry leading next-gen Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) solution, has been awarded Miercom Certified Secure for superior security and performance.

About Miercom

Miercom has been reviewing network products for over 30 years, forming standardized test programs that have grown into a worldwide evaluation service for the latest technology.  Miercom has published hundreds of network product analyses in leading trade periodicals and other publications, thus gaining the reputation of being a leading, independent product test center.

About the Testing

The NSP Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) solution was independently assessed by Miercom engineers for security, performance, and hands-on use to provide unbiased verification of McAfee Enterprise’s unique qualities.  The NGIPS solution was deployed in a real-world environment and subject to performance tests, multiple iterations of attacks from Miercom’s proprietary malware suite, and exploits from Ixia BreakingPoint and other test tools.

Figure 1. Test Bed Diagram

Figure 2. Test Tools


NSP demonstrated security effectiveness in the attack lifecycle detection and protection through its efficient signature engine along with multiple advanced signature-less detection technologies, including file analysis, protocol behavior analysis, and network behavior analysis. The results not only showed NSP continued to hold the highest standard in exploit prevention capability, but also proved its advantage in zero-day malware and malicious URL protection compared to other IPS solutions in the market.

“Based on our findings, the McAfee Network Security Platform with NS9500 sensors demonstrates competitively superior security and performance.  The McAfee solution was stressed under real-world known and not yet discovered exploits and heavily loaded conditions and passed these tests with ease.  McAfee Network Security Platform has rightfully earned the distinction as Miercom Certified Secure.” – Rob Smithers, CEO, Miercom 

Key Findings

  • Prevented 98.7% of malware from Miercom’s Enterprise Critical Protect Malware Set consisting of compound threats, zero-day threats and ransomware (outperforming the industry average by 25%)
  • Detected 97.8% malicious URLs over HTTP with recommended default configuration (outperforming the competitive industry average by 44%)
  • Detected 100% of malicious URLs over HTTP with optimized settings (outperforming the competitive industry average by 47%)
  • Proved effective URL filtering by detecting 100% of blacklisted URLs
  • Prevented 100% of evasive malicious traffic and exploits mounted with mutated traffic

About McAfee NSP

McAfee Enterprise’s new appliance offerings, NS9500 and NS7500, are scalable hardware platforms that provide investment protection. They offer multiple throughput options with the inspection throughput being controlled by a software license. This provides customers the flexibility to only buy capacity that is needed, and easily scale inspection throughput as needs increase via a software upgrade license and/or by stacking appliances. The appliances are purpose-built for line speed DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and its efficient architecture preserves performance regardless of security settings unlike other IPS offerings in the market.

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