McAfee Enterprise Is Ready for Windows 11, Are You?

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McAfee Enterprise is prepared to protect our customers from day 1 of their journey with the new Windows 11 release.

This summer Microsoft announced planned changes to its Windows platform with the release of Windows 11. McAfee Enterprise is proud to announce that we have delivered day 1 support for the benefit of our current and future customers. We know that today’s hybrid workspaces call for flexibility and ease of use without compromising security, so now that Windows 11 is here, we want to address a few important topics regarding what to expect from your trusted security vendor, McAfee Enterprise:

What does McAfee Enterprise day 1 support of Windows 11 mean to you?

Customers can rely on McAfee Enterprise products to already have the most important Windows 11 box checked—ensuring your systems are secure and protected against threats from day 1.

McAfee Enterprise is committed to continue this same level of support for Microsoft’s future release cadence of Windows 11. We work closely with Microsoft to make sure that McAfee Enterprise security software and hardware products are fully compatible with Windows operating systems.

What if my organization is not ready to upgrade to Windows 11?

We recognize that not every environment will be ready to upgrade on day 1, or even at the start of the new year. Regardless of the date of your transition, McAfee Enterprise is here to ensure you remain protected across your devices and OS versions.

Our ongoing commitment is to continue to support our customers and the release cadence of the Windows 10 platform. We keep apprised of Microsoft OS support cycles and ensure that our customers remain covered throughout their lifecycles. For more information, see KB85784 – Windows 10 compatibility with McAfee Enterprise products

That said, having a plan outlined in advance is a key ingredient to any successful environment upgrade or transition. McAfee Enterprise Technical Support and your Enterprise Customer Success teams are available to support and partner with you on your journey and to answer any product questions along the way.

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What is an ideal security environment for McAfee Enterprise customers utilizing the new Windows 11 OS?

With McAfee Enterprise’s security platform, you can command a centrally managed solution that protects your environment across varied devices and operating systems. A combination of fully enabled Endpoint Security Adaptive Threat Protection (ENS ATP),  EDR, and MVISION Insights delivers proactive threat intelligence and defenses across the entire attack lifecycle. Our security teams work around the clock to anticipate future security needs and drive home industry-leading innovation. More on the McAfee Enterprise Endpoint Protection Platform here.

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Where can I find documentation regarding McAfee Enterprise product support for the new Windows 11 release?

Our product teams have outlined our portfolio’s support in KB94901 – Windows 11 compatibility with McAfee Enterprise products.

To ensure a quality experience, each McAfee Enterprise product team is required to complete validations of all new releases that Microsoft publishes for Windows 11. The McAfee Enterprise goal is to add same-day support for all Windows 11 releases over time, for those products that don’t currently offer this cadence.

For general upgrade guidance or questions, customers may contact Enterprise Technical Support or visit our Support Portal here.

Take advantage of our latest Endpoint Security offering by visiting us here.

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