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With the acceleration of cloud migration initiatives—partly arising the need to support a remote workforce during the pandemic and beyond—enterprises are finding that this transformation has introduced new operational complexities and security vulnerabilities. Among these are potential misconfigurations, poorly secured interfaces, Shadow IT (access to unauthorized applications), and an increasing number of connected devices and users. To navigate these challenges, enterprises are relying on managed service providers to monitor and protect their cloud environment.

To better serve its customers and secure its own environments, one global technology provider decided to expand its existing on-premises data loss protection (DLP) and web protection with a comprehensive and robust cloud security strategy based on solutions from the  MVISION™ portfolio of solutions. Already a long-time user of McAfee Enterprise on-premises solutions, the global technology provider not only secured its internal cloud infrastructure consisting of more than 5,000 endpoints across over 30 locations worldwide, they also applied the same approach to the millions of endpoints they manage for more than 10,000 customers.

Evolving a Modern Cloud Security Approach

A primary objective for the global technology provider is securing data in the cloud in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications (Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, Salesforce, and others) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform).

As a first step in its cloud journey, the global technology provider evaluated a number of cloud access security brokers (CASB) solutions. Ultimately, they decided to implement MVISION Cloud for AWS, Office 365, and Shadow IT. In addition to providing comprehensive visibility into cloud app usage, these solutions help with compliance; data loss prevention (DLP) by monitoring the movement of sensitive and confidential data content traveling to or from the cloud, within the cloud, and cloud to cloud; and detection and remediation of threats primarily through user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA).

Moving to a Consolidated Cloud Security Fabric

But the global technology provider didn’t stop there. When we rolled out MVISION Unified Cloud Edge, the global technology provider tested it and enthusiastically adopted it. As defined by Gartner, MVISION Unified Cloud Edge is an industry-leading example of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), a security framework that brings together network connectivity and security into a single, cloud-delivered solution that supports business transformation, edge computing, and workforce mobility.

The global technology provider has reaped multiple advantages from this implementation across its own internal environment and for its customers.

Key advantage #1: Management ease and less overhead

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge combines multiple capabilities under one umbrella: CASB functionality with web proxy and DLP with a single administrative hub,  ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO™) for streamlined management.

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge capabilities and the ease of integration with the McAfee Enterprise ecosystem has made life easier for the global technology provider’s team, saving time and resources. Now they can set consistent policies from device to cloud and provide users with accelerated and secure access to the tools they use every day, such as Box, Dropbox, and others. As the information security operations manager points out: “A single management console reduces overhead as does being able to set policies that we can sync and apply to multiple data sources on multiple cloud solutions, without having to recreate rules.”

Key advantage #2: Data protection policies in the cloud

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge has also enabled the global technology provider to further boost its cloud data protection. For example, it can detect data that is improperly managed and stored. Now the organization can apply their existing on-premises data policies to the cloud. For example, they can prevent certain user behaviors that may put both corporate and customer cloud data at risk. These include copying data to cloud apps or USBs, printing it, taking screen captures, accessing risky websites, and uploading data to unauthorized websites.

Key advantage #3: Improved control over apps

To create a more secure internal environment, MVISION Unified Cloud Edge has been invaluable for the global security provider. They have a better handle on the applications that are being used across their company. The solution also provides risk scores for the cloud apps that are being used to help steer users away from Shadow IT and toward using only authorized apps. When employees propose new apps to help them do their jobs better, the IT security team can check the security of these apps against requirements and make any necessary modifications to ensure compliance.

“The Shadow IT CASB automatically blocks all cloud services that are deemed high risk, both at our on-premises Web Gateway and the built-in cloud web gateway manager. So, when users attempt to use an unsanctioned SaaS application, they see a message explaining that the app is not safe,” notes the information security operations manager.

The global technology provider also sells SaaS solutions to its clients. With MVISION Unified Cloud Edge, the global technology provider can protect data on any newly sanctioned SaaS applications at no extra cost.”

A resounding endorsement

After a successful experience with McAfee Enterprise overall and specifically with the implementation of MVISION Unified Cloud Edge, the information security operation manager recommends the solution to any organization beginning or in the midst of migrating to the cloud.

“I would advise other companies thinking about their cloud transformation journey to seriously consider MVISION Unified Cloud Edge . . . It has a very user-friendly interface and does so much out of the box,” he asserts. “The level of granularity in policy setting lets you do things you don’t think possible or are much easier to accomplish than you realize. . . I don’t think any other vendor offers such a complete package.”

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