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Online is a little different for everyone

How do you connect online these days? I’ll give you an example from my own life: From my 15-year old son to my 80-year-old mother, not one of us leaves the house without our phone. And today, there isn’t a single thing you can’t do on your phone. It’s the minicomputer that goes where you go. 

This trend in the way we connect is reflected in recent data too. In fact, we’ve found that the average consumer spends 6 hours and 55 min online per day, split between mobile (52%) and desktop (48%). Whether you’re a Boomer, Gen X, a Millennial, or Gen Z, the way you connect online is diverse and specific to you. 

As for what we’re doing online? It’s just about everything. After all, we spend an average of 7 hours per day on connected devices and the pandemic has forced us to do even more online. The downside to this rapid change in the way we live is that we are opening ourselves up to more risk which leaves consumers feeling highly concerned about their ability to keep their personal info secure or private. We need new protection for this new normal. 

For the new normal, a new approach to protection with mobile security 

What all these changes mean is that you’re able to have the same online experience regardless of where you are, what you’re doing, or what device you’re using. Your favorite streaming service is a great example – you can just as easily find a movie on a tablet as you can on your laptop. In fact, you can pause the movie you’re watching on that tablet and pick up where you left off on your laptop. Your experience with online security should offer the same convenience and familiarity. More importantly, online protection should give you a feeling of confidence however or wherever you choose to connect. 

 This means knowing your personal info is secure even when accessing an unsecured network, your browsing habits remain private, and you can take necessary actions should your information be compromised. To put it another way, YOU are what we’re focused on protecting and we do that by making sure everything you connect with is also secure. 

Introducing the new McAfee Security mobile app 

A phone is the remote control for your life. From the palm of your hand, you’re able to shop, browse, stream, and create – everything you do online you can now do from your phone. So, it’s crucial that your phone be a major focus of our online protection. The new mobile app makes it easier to get robust protection for your identity, privacy, and phone. Let’s look at a few of the capabilities offered by the new mobile app. 

Identity Protection Service

Think about all the online accounts you’ve created in the past year. How many of them do you use regularly? Sometimes I think I have more food delivery apps on my phone than I do restaurants to use them on. Regardless of how often you use an account (or if you no longer use it at all!), any personal information (like emails, addresses, credit cards) added to it is available online and vulnerable to breaches. McAfee Security comes with identity protection, a feature that monitors your personal information and then notifies you when there’s a risk of your data being compromised. What this means is that if we detect that your data was stolen, you’ll be alerted an average of 10 months earlier than similar services, so you can act before your data is used illegally or shows up on the dark web. 

Privacy protection with Secure VPN

Let’s say you’re about to use the free internet at your favorite café for a speedier connection. Time to flip on your virtual private network (VPN). Forget about digging through a sea of menus to find your VPN. The new mobile app offers a seamless VPN experience so you can keep your activity hidden on less-than-secure Wi-Fi. Or, better yet, you can set up a Secure VPN to automatically turn on for unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Whatever you choose, Secure VPN keeps your personal data and location private anywhere you go with unlimited data and bank-grade Wi-Fi encryption. 

Device protection 

At the end of the day, phones are devices and they’re vulnerable to viruses, malware, and, increasingly, malicious apps. The new McAfee Mobile app offers an antivirus scan for Android phones and system scans to see if your passcode is strong enough and that your OS is up to date on iOS devices. 

Most importantly, the app is part of McAfee’s total online protection, so the experience on your phone is the same as on your PC. It’s protection that goes where you go – at home on your PC, or on the go with your mobile. 

The mobile app is available right now – here’s how to get it 

If you’re an existing McAfee subscriber using McAfee Total Protection or McAfee LiveSafe, you can get the app right now. And, if you’ve already got the app installed, just make sure it’s up-to-date and you’ll be all set with the new look and features. 

Interested in trying the app out? You can buy or get a free trial of McAfee Total Protection here and get started today. 

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